Knowledge Network Food Safety Development Award

The safefood Knowledge Network Food Safety Development Award recognises food safety research carried out on the island of Ireland that has been successfully implemented along the food production chain (from farm to fork) and that has clearly had a positive impact on food safety.

The purpose of the award is to promote excellence in food safety practices across the food chain on the island of Ireland. The award will be presented annually. However, to reflect the diversity of roles and businesses across the food chain, it will be rotated between different sectors including food safety research, food production and food processing, and food preparation, service and retail. The award will commence this year, 2019 and will focus on food safety research.

The award is unique to the safefood Knowledge Network and its community of almost 3,000 food safety professionals from right across the food chain. It recognises researchers and food businesses that go the extra mile to ensure food safety excellence. It acknowledges their commitment to protecting public health and strengthening the resilience of the agri-food industry on the island of Ireland and its reputation for high quality safe food. The award also recognises the expertise, skills and creativity of individuals who contribute to the culture of food safety within food businesses on the island of Ireland and who show innovative thinking in addressing food safety problems.

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